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Objective:  A Position as Screenwriter and/or Director


An internationally recognized, award-winning TV and film screenwriter, director, and videographer. Have won a number of awards for film screenwriting and directing in the United States and in Europe.  Have created films, dramas, documentaries, musical, and entertainment programs. Have scripted and directed various multimedia performances. Responsible for a documentary-feature for television about famous poets, artists, actors, musicians, novelists, fashion designers, and spiritual masters. Adapted theater productions for television. Organized, developed, and produced a variety film and theater festivals. Have created and directed TV commercials for pharmaceuticals, fashion, music, food and tourism for multinational companies. Wrote and directed innovative multimedia productions for European and American TV. Utilize  35/16mm, and digital video equipment. Direct projects in television studious and in mobile units.


TV Director/Scriptwriter, TV Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 1976-1992

Videographer/Scriptwriter/Multimedia Director,       1994- Present


  • Dublin Int. Folk Film Festival (“Wedding in Ovcea” Short) 1983
  • Romanian Consulate in NYC (Broken Youth) 1993
  • France Consulate, Bucharest  (Broken Youth) 1994
  • International Film Festival of Women Directors NY, USA (Broken Youth) 1999


  • Anolan’s Luxe World TV, NYC, USA 2009
  • Rees Music Concert 2008
  • Sacred Sand Mandala Painting, NYC, USA 2007
  • Strowbery Vibes  C Will, NYC, USA  2006
  • Maewi Records Rees Music Concert, NYC USA 2006
  • New Star 2005 Music Video Competition, USA/Canada 2005
  • Shantideva Fashion Show Miami USA 2005
  • Shantideva Fashion Show NYC USA 2005
  • The Mystical Arts of Tibet: Sacred and Mandala Painting, Sacred Music and Sacred Dans, Miami, USA 2003
  • The Mystical arts of Tibet: Sacred Sand Mandala Painting, NYC, USA 2001
  • Western Union-Business presentation, NYC 2001
  • Tudor Gheorghe, Partial USA Concert Tour 2001
  • Boborelu’s Art 2000
  • Sheare America: Popular Art Collection  USA  2000/1999
  • Mad Man, Married Man” Docu Drama NYC 1999
  • NYU, Dinu Ghezzo and Friends Multimedia Performances/Concerts 1995/1996
  • Emil Sein  Concerts 1995
  • Lia Lungu Concerts 1995
  • Romanian/American Comunity: Folk & Religious Traditions 1994/1996
  • Folkdance Music Festival of Romanian/American Community 1995


  • Broken Youth (original Romanian name: “Tinerete frinta” or “Slomljena Mladost” in Serbian translation)
  • Co-Production: TV Novi Sad (16mm) Romaniafilm (35mm) Profil BGD Yugoslavia
  • Drama: 90min, 16mm/35mm, color 1990


  • How the Prince Flew to the Princess (Kako je carevic leteo po princezu Slovak language)fairy tale,  16mm,color,25min (direction)  1991
  • Misha’s Vojka  homeland memories (co-writer Ljubomir Becejski) co-writer/director 1988
  • The Ballad of entering the town” ( Ballade intreri in oras) drama, 16mm, 30min, color, based on the poetry of Slavco Almazan (screen writer/director) 1987
  • Wedding in Ovcea”(Nunta la Ovcea) ethno/musical (co-writer Nita Fratila), musical, 16mm, 30min, color (co-writer/director) 1983
  • Caroussel” based on children’s poetry (direction) 1983
  • Over 20 comedies for New Year Gala Program, based on the most popular jokes of the year(direction)1976-1978


  • Straja- monograph, color,30min 16mm, (co-writer/director) 1976
  • Aurel Trifu-biography, 30min. color 16mm, (co-writer/director) 1979
  • “That was their Destiny” (Asa le-a fost ursita) literary portray of Ion Marcovicean, 16mm, color 30min(co-writer/director) 1984
  • “Work Therapy” (Terapia Muncii) Avangarda-poetry of Ioan Flora,16mm,color, 30min (script/direction) 1985
  • War inheritance(Ratni testament) portrait of a 2nd W.W. Warrior-video, 20 min (direction) 1986
  • Ionel Popovic, The Artist-portray of the artist,video, 30min (script/direction) 1988
  • Come take the Light (Veniti sa luati Lumina)- Easter Orthodox custom, 16mm,color, 30min, (co-writer =Traian Todoran) co writer/director 1989


  • “Poetry and Quinces” (Poezie si gutui) Simeon Draguta’s poetry 16mm,color,15min (direction) 1977
  • Brass Band and Dwarf (Fanfara piticilor) Elementary School Orchestra-16mm, color, 15min (direction) 1978
  • War Monuments: Sarajevo, Sutjeska, Bjelasnica, 16mm color 30min (direction) 1978
  • Coriolan The Violonist-portrey, gypsy musician, 16mm,color,30min (direction) 1980
  • Jajce AVNOJ Museum-history, 16mm, color, 30min (direction) 1987
  • “6×6 Schetches” min portrays of famous artists in the city: Bora Suput,Mladen Marinkovic, Milan Keselj, =Doru Bosiok, Gordana Sijacki,etc. 30min, video (script/direction) 1986
  • “Miss Margareta” (Margareta Filip) math teacher portray, 16mm, color,30min (script/direction) 1986
  • Dubrovnik-Touristic-30min (script/direction) 1986
  • “Trebinje:Amateur’s Theatre festival cultural, 30min(direction) 1986
  • “Tito’s Memorial Flowers House” 30min (direction) 1986
  • “Cupa Libertatii” sport anniversary, 30min, video (direction) 1986
  • “Archeological Museum:Vrsac”-history, 30min (direction) 1988
  • “The History of Romanian High Schools in Vrsac”, history/educational, 60min (direction) 1988


  • “Education in Romanian High Schools in Voivodina” 60 min, live/stdio (direction) 1988
  • “Days of Romanian Amateur Theaters in Voivodina” 60 min. live/studio (direction) 1988


  • “Eminescu si Veronica” Costei Theater Asambly mobile unit, 120 min (co-direction w. Svetislav Stetin) 1978
  • “The North Star” (Luceafarul) Vrsac Children’s Theaeter Asambly, TV Studio, 60min (direction/adaptation) 1986
  • “The Author is in The Hall” (Autorul e in sala) Uzdin Theatrer Ansambly mobil unit, 120min (direction) 1988


Over 20 commercials for various companies and products such as pharmaceuticals, fashion, music, food, chocolate, beverages, tourism (Hemofarm,VIK, Brixol, Uca, VIP, VV, Bip), etc 1988-1992


  • Memorial Park: Fruska Gora, animation, 40 sec. (script/direction) 1990


  • Over 50 10-30min  music portrais, live/playback, studio/field, film/video (script/direction) 1976-1992
  • “Romanian Music and Folk Dans Festivals” live/studio/mobile unit (direction) 1976-1989
  • “Oh Danube, Blue Danube” International Folk Music Festival (16mm, color, 60min (direction) 1977-”77
  • “Happy New Year “78!” Uzdin’s music/entertainment/humor, 45 min, (direction) 1978
  • “Varosarije-Vrsac” Entertinment, host Rada Djuricin, 60min, (direction) 1988
  • “New Year Eve in Torac” concert with Lira & selected Romanian folk singers 45min (script/direction) 1988
  • “Romanian Virtuous” Concert, RTNS Orchestra, 45 min, TV Studio (direction) 1998
  • “Mozzart Point Festival” a 12 concerts series, co-production: TVNS, NS Academy of Arts, European =Academies of Music 60min, mobil unit/studio, (co-directing with: Zelimir Zilnik & Ljubisa Grujic) 1998
    • Series: Concert and Chamber Music 60min
    • Series 2: Concerto Music  60min
    • Series 4: Chamber Music 60min
    • Series 6: Music for piano 60min
    • Series 7: Chambrt and Concerto Music
    • Series 8: Concerto Music-60min
    • Series 10: Serenade in Re major-60min
  • “Varosarije-Mladenovac” Entertainment, host Mile Isakov (direction) 1992
  • “History of the New Year’s Celebrations Around the World” 60min, tv studio (direction) 1992


  • “Orpheus Mundy” Dinu Ghezzo, Emil Sein, Lia Lungu NYU Production, 90 min (play-write,-direction) 1996
  • “In Search of Euridice” Dinu Ghezzo, Lia Lungu, Emil Sein, Davide Osborn, Mazureck, etc NYU Prod.   
  • “Of Life, Of Love, Of Death” Lia Lungu’s Romanian Traditional Music Show 60 min (direction) 1995 (playwright/direction) 1996


“The Double Disappearance of Martha N” Lokve Theater Assembly (direction) 1976

“Our Uncle fromjamaica” Lokve Theater Assembly(direction) 1977


  • “Braille’s Alphabet documentary feature, 16mm, b/w, 10min, IATC Prod. Bucharest, Romania (script/direction)   1972
  • “A Girl-Judo Championship” reportage, 16mm, b/w, 10min, IATC Prod. Bucharest, Romania(reporter)1973
  • “Miss.P.”adaptaion of Eugen Barbu’s novel, 35mm, b/w, 20min, IATC Prod, Bucharest, Romania, 1974 (script/direction)
  • “Facades” documentary, 16mm, color, 20min, produced by TVNS, Yugoslavi a (script/direction) 1975
  • “Distant Land” feature, 35mm,color, 30min, IATC Prod, Bucharest, Romania (script/direction) 1975/76 


WILL (Women International Leadership Program) International House NY 1996-97


  • “Legendi” screenplay for feature film
  • “Yugosludiayugosludiayugosludia…” screenplay for feature film
  • “A&B” screenplay for documentary feature film
  • “A Journey within and without” screenplay for feature film 


  • II Award for Screenplay “Legendy” Hollywood Spiritual Film & Entertainment  Festival, Los Angeles, USA (co-writer with Katarina Pejovic) 2004
  • Golden Arena Award for “Broken Youth” National Film Festival, Pula, Yugoslavia (script/direction) 1990
  • The Jury Golden Award for “Broken Youth” National Youth Film Festival Costinesti, Romania (script/direction) 1990
  • Best Adaptation Award for “Broken Youth” National Screenplay Festival, Vrnjacka Banja, Yugoslavia 1990
  • “Varosarije-Vrsac”, Best TV Viewers Award for a 2 years series (script/direction) 1988
  • Theatrical Director Award for “Our Uncle from Jamaica” Romanian Festival of Theatre, Voivodina Yugoslavia (direction) 1977


  • B.A. Film and TV Directing, Institute for Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Bucharest, Romania 1971-1976
  • Latin Languages – Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University, Yugoslavia 1969-1971
  • Teacher High School, Vrsac, Yugoslavia 1964-1969

SKILLS: Videography and Photography

LANGUAGES: Fluent in Romanian, Serbo/Croatian, and English.


NYWIFT (New York Women in Film and Television)

Portfolio Available for Preview