Maria Marich
Maria Marich is a internationally award -winning TV and  film screenwriter, director and videographer. Both here and in Europe she has created films, dramas, documentaries, music and entertainment programs.In addition she has scripted and directed multimedia performances. She organized, developed and produced various film and theater festivals.Her expertize also extends to various theater productions from directions to costume design, make-up and jury member or president.

For multinational companies  she created and directed TV comercials for products such as pharmaceuticals, fashion, music, food and tourism.

Her mission is to create all type pf innovative filming-documentaries, videos, musicals, talk shows, docu-dramas,TV serials and feature films. To develop entertainment film productions for television, direct and produce special visual programs, originate commercials for various companies and create multi-media performances internationally.

Method: utilize 35/16mm, digital video equipment, direct projects in television studious and mobile units.

Who should use: Independent filmmakers, TV, Film Companies- Studious, Theaters- Video companies, International and domestic TV Broadcasters and Production companies: Producers needing translation before, during and post production; Museums and Education institutions, International film Festivals

Benefits are: innovative creative productions, improved crew interactions-less stress and tension; cost-effective flexible approach; entire project development from writing to filming and complete production monitoring of dialogue, sound, editing, translation subtitles, expert management of any size crew, proven ability to meet deadlines.

Why Maria Marich is unique: Multi Award Winner for film screenwriting and directing; European and American TV and film expertise; writing and directing innovative multimedia productions; documentary-feature for television about famous poets, artists, actors, musicians, novelists, fashion designers, spiritual masters; adapting theater productions for television.

Affiliations: NYWIFT (New York Women in Film and Television)

Skills: Videography, Photography, Fluent in Romanian, Serbo/Croatian

Education: BA in Film and TV Directing